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To begin treatments I need the consent of the person being treated. In case of children under 18, people who are mentally challenged, unconscious [or with addictions] or under the influence of addictive substances, I can get the consent from their families or guardians. You need to provide me with the detailed information: first and last name, date, place and country of birth, current address and for people living outside the USA, their phone number or email address.



Belief in God is the foundation of the treatment as it is His divine energy that I am transmitting during the healing. Followers of other religions may use other names, but it's about the same creator, the energies of the universe. Thus, a person's religion does not matter to me, but I respect their rules.   I know from my own experience that people who are sick and cannot be helped by conventional medicine look for other methods that may help them. You can be under the care of your MD, undergoing conventional medical treatments, and also take massage and energy treatments from me. My clients practice different religions, are from many different countries, have different professions, some even being energy therapists, doctors, psychics and priests.


I often utilize in my healing treatments the information I receive through spiritual channeling, clairvoyance and clairaudience. The treatments are effective regardless of the distance to the client being healed: whether the client is at the office with me or "down under" in Australia, the positive outcome is the same. Their effectiveness has been repeatedly tested by many world renown psychics and healers.


I've been living in the United States since the mid 90-ies. My therapy studio was first situated in Chicago and presently it is in Willow Springs. Prior to my settling down in Chicago, I had worked for 20 years as a physical fitness teacher, instructor for correcting posture problems and also an energy healer.

The experience and knowledge gained during that time has helped me with understanding about people’s problems. I offer my clients explanations and guidance regarding the healing process so that they can consciously participate in the treatment.


Later in a simpler way I explain that theory.

Energy holistic healing is based on the quantum law of physics and theories by Albert Einstein's theory of vacuum field. His successor Russian physicist Gennady Szypow has defined the physical vacuum as a source of vast amounts of energy, elementary pebbles of space that transfer information.My energy transfer is based on clearing of the aura, which is the body’s energy field and chakras, which are the energy sources, entering of healing energy and learning about spiritual life.By using unique techniqes that I discovered through the years while maturing spiritually, I teach people how to change our destiny, cure diseases, resolve diffucult situations and other problems, and also understand those situations, if they are our life’s lessons. 


I perform holistic healing, which is physical, mental spiritual as on inseparable unit.  A very helpful part is the belief in the existence of reincarnation.  Many times in my previous lives I was also a healer. In Atlantis as well.

I perform energy healing treatments by working energetically on the clients who show up at my bioenergy studio and also distant healing sessions for those who live in other states and countries.  Basically I heal people from all continents.


For best results you need to adhere to the number and the time of the scheduled treatments. Please understand that the longer the symptoms have lasted, the longer it usually takes to regenerate the body. Energetic disruptions form the basis of the disease and your present ailment most often means that the whole system to which a given organ belongs to, is disrupted to some degree, too.


Depending on the degree of the blockages and the sensitivity of the body, one can experience a variety of reactions such as: heat, cold, shivers, numbness, pain, some type of vibrations, or none of the above. I’m mentioning the possible perceived reactions to let you know that it's Ok if none of them happen and that they do not impact the outcome of the treatment.


One of the techniques I use, so called "blood-less surgery", does not mean, as it may happen with real surgeries, that there will be just one single treatment needed. I am not a miracle worker, you can expect that from God only, if that is His will. One session only miraculous healings are something immensely rare and please don't ever believe that there exists a technique that can guarantee it. It usually involves work on several levels over longer than 1 session period of time.


I am involved in charitable work, among others for people with disabilities, like Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and other inborn, possibly hereditary diseases that necessitate special care. The energy treatments can help such people calm down, help with concentration, with overall functionning and strengthening of the body.


I also do healing treatments for the animals.


When we talk about channeling then I very often use automatic writing, which answers are inspired from the Spiritual Guide. Those questions can include healing, meaning of your dreams, business and personal matters, work, family etc.

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