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At 4 1/2 years of age I forsaw the illness and the circumstances surrounding my grandmother's death. I tried to prevent them from happening the way they manifested within my vision, unfortunately people close to my grandma had no understanding of the psychic nature of my vision and refused to do anything I was begging them to. As a result, my beloved grandma died. Her words have been present with me all my life, empowering me with strength and independence: "Remember, Grazynka, you are YOU. You can accomplish anything, anything at all!" Following her death until her next incarnation 40 years later, I could feel the loving protection of her soul.


My psychic gifts have been developing for many years. I used to forewarn my family and friends about upcoming dangers, I offered helpful solutions. I became a home “doctor”. When my sons were born, I rarely needed to turn to doctors for any health related help. To their surprise, I very effectively healed my children myself. Some of the doctors even incorporated my advice into their practice. I also used to heal my students and aquaintances.


Until my encounter with energy healers and clairvoyants, I had considered my gifts to be something very ordinary and commonplace. I had thought that most people could do it.


One of such gifted people that I encountered was Wlodzimierz de Saint Germain (aka Sanzerewski), world renown healer, clairvoyant and palmist. All throughout our meetings, he would keep telling me to quit working at school and just focus my time and energy on healing people. He kept insisting that that was my life purpose, my destiny, something I would not be able to evade, that I would be doing it as my main vocation anyway, so why not start right then and there! I was working at school as a physical fitness teacher and a coach for cross country skiing at that time, and because I really loved my job, I could not even imagine leaving my students for any other activity. So my answer was: "If I am meant to do it, If I am meant to do it, I'd rather do it later, than sooner.


”When Wlodzimierz Sanzerewski foretold my and my family's immigration to U.S.A., I did not quite believe him. I perceived my future unfolding slightly differently. And then everything started moving, almost miraculously, in the direction Sanzerewski had foretold. As I had always been the person to enjoy new things and new challenges. I went ahead with leaving my native Warsaw for United States of America. Wlodzimierz became a steadfast friend of my family and also my energy healing partner . I believe he is one of the best professionals in this field.


We ended up in Chicago in the mid 90-ies. I was fluent in 3 languages: Polish, Russian and German, with no knowledge of English whatsoever, which meant no chance to teach at school that my heart kept longing for. In the meantime, news spread among my new aquaintances about my effective healing and I started getting more and more clients. It resulted in the decision to open my own independent clinic of energetic healing. After 2 years of doing excusively energy healing, I gave up on my old dream of being a school teacher. Instead, I devoted a lot of time to studying various healing modalities within the context of the philosophy and religion of all over the world, among others Tibetan Buddhism, Hebrew Tradition, Huna. Being drawn to shamanic traditions, I kept dwelving deeper into their secret methods of bringing about wholeness through sacred healing techniques.


Sweden based poet, clairvoyant and healer, Andrzej Szmilichowski, reknown through his articles in the monthly esotheric magazine "Nieznany Swiat", called me the "space surgeon" due to the fact that I perform energetic, hence bloodless, surgeries. We collaborated during a few healing sessions, and it was a truly incredible experience, confirmed by active presence and participation of the spiritual beings.


After many years of my work I wanted to get an outside opinion on my abilities and experience with the spirits, which were confirmed by Toni Ann Winninger. She was an american state criminal prosecutor.  Now she channeles messages from Masters.  From this channeling I found, that all my energy treatments are perfect and I have help from many Masters.

At Body Mind Spirit Expo Chicago 2016 I was honored (from 170 attending  people) by Jurema Silva from Brasil who is an international  holistic pastoral healer and a Spiritual Consultant as the best healer who can communicate with the Spirit Guides.

I received the same opinion from Dr. Christian Toren von Lähr who is one of the few multi-disciplined esoteric experts in America  and very few actual Master Clairvoyants in the world. He is the Creator, Producer and Host of the nationally televised spiritually inspired WisdomoSharing television series “the Messenger”.


Outside of energy treatments and healing massage, I consistently offer workshops to all interested people, teaching them all kinds of healing methods. I also invite some famous speakers, spiritual teachers who introduce new, unkown to most, values and concepts deepening the spiritual life and bridging the gaps between secular, spiritual, mundane and the sacred. I have been interviewed several times regarding this area by Polish TV in Chicago.


My other passion is writing. During the span of last few years I wrote two books that are awaiting publication. For two years, until the events of September 11th, I worked with a New York magazine “Nadrzeczywistość”, where I ran a column, “From Grazyna’s Studio”. Few of my articles also got printed in the Polish magazine “Nieznany Świat”.                                                                                                              I'm also acting in the Theater Polonia Stage. The play is being lead by the Director Kinga Modjeska.


.Additionally, I do charity work doing energy treatment sessions for children born with genetic disorders, helping foster families and shelters for homeless animals sending money and clothing. I myself own a handful of cats, a squirrel living in the garage and regularly visiting racoons always waiting to be fed.


After many hardships I value life and I am happy with every day as it unfolds. Belief in incarnation and spiritual component of all mundane existence is an irrevocable part of my consciousness. It impacts the way I live my life, helps it be more authentic and intense. It translates dedication to constant deepening of knowledge and understanding and also an ongoing flow of creative expression.

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